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The District was created by the Texas Legislature in 2011.  The voters of Calhoun County subsequently confirmed the District.  Additional information regarding the creation of the District can be viewed at the following web address: SPECIAL DISTRICT LOCAL LAWS CODE Chapter 8860.

The District is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of five elected officials.  Following confirmation of the District, the Board developed and adopted a management plan and set of rules to guide the District's efforts to manage the groundwater resources of Calhoun County.

The directors and staff of the District administer the District through all the administrative tasks necessary to support the primary programs of the District.  The program includes the projects and activities associated with conducting elections of directors of the District, conducting meetings of the Board of Directors, processing and reporting of financial transactions and investments of the District, provisioning and maintaining information systems, tracking and evaluating performance, and managing the records of the District.

Contact Caitlynn Davenport, Administrative Coordinator to discuss matters related to administration at:

  • phone: (361) 579-6863
  • email:
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