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Incentivization of Monitoring Program

On October 20, 2023, the Board of Directors authorized the implementation of a project to incentivize cooperation between well owners and the district regarding aquifer monitoring through the payment of access fee of $50.00 per monitoring event to cooperating well owners.  The funding is presently limted to $5,000.00 during the fiscal year.

Well owners that cooperated with the district on aquifer monitoring efforts during Fiscal Year 2023 will be contacted by the district regarding their eligiblity for future payments of access fees.

Well owners that do not currently cooperate with the district in monitoring aquifer conditions but would like to be included in the monitoring program and receive access fee payments for granting access to their water wells and collecting aquifer monitoring measurements should contact district as soon as possible.  Contact information can be viewed at

More information about cooperating with the district on monitoring aquifer conditions can be viewed at

The district will initiate the scheduling aquifer monitoring events in January 2024.

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