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Groundwater Conservation

The District promotes conservation and preservation of the water resources within its jursidiction through the Groundwater Conservation Program.  The District promotes activities such as rainwater harvesting, efficient use of groundwater, conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water, prevention of subsidence, prevention of waste, brush management, recharge enhancement through the completion of related projects during each fiscal year.

The Management Plan of the District defines groundwater conservation as "the activity and practice of seeking to use a groundwater resource in a manner that appropriately balances the impacts associated with consuming the resource and preserving the resource for the future." The District under takes many activities to achieve the "appropriate balance" between groundwater use and groundwater preservation including 1) establishing conservative desired future conditions for the relevant aquifers within the jurisdiction of the District, 2) adopting rules that allow for limited groundwater production, 3) monitoring water levels and water quality of groundwater resources within the jurisdiction of the District, and 4) evaluating aquifer conditions using scientifically-credible methods.

Contact Tim Andruss, General Manager to discuss matters related to groundwater conservation at:

  • phone: (361) 579-6863
  • email:


Information regarding ways to conserve groundwater can be accessed at the following web address: 


Promotion of Rainwater Harvesting:  the District encourages all water users to investigate rainwater harvesting as a means of developing alternate water supplies.  Additional information regarding rainwater harvesting can be viewed at the following website of the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension:

Promotion of Efficient Use of Groundwater:  the District encourages all users of groundwater to investigate methods of increasing water usage efficiency.  Additional information regarding water efficiency opportunities can be viewed at the following website of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy:

Promotion of Conjunctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water:  the District encourages water users to examine conjunctive use practices when considering the development of water supply projects that involve groundwater resources.  The combined use of groundwater resources with surface water may optimize the beneficial characteristics of each source and conserve and preserve groundwater resources.  Additional information regarding innovative water technologies related to conjunctive use can be viewed at the following website of the Texas Water Development Board:

Promotion of Subsidence Prevention:  the District encourages groundwater producers to investigate causes of subsidence, the vulnerability of areas within the District to subsidence caused by groundwater production, and methods of developing groundwater resources to prevent subsidence caused by or contributed to by their groundwater production.  Additional information regarding subsidence can be viewed at the following website of the Texas Water Development Board:

Promotion of Brush Management:  the District encourages landowners to investigate the brush management as a means of potentially enhancing recharge of groundwater resources.  Additional information regarding brush management can be viewed at the following website of the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board:

Additional information regarding brush management and the effect on water resources can be viewed at the following site of the United States Geological Survey:

Promotion of Recharge Enhancement: the District encourages large-scale groundwater producers to investigate strategies to enhance recharge, including aquifer storage and recovery projects, as a means of conserving and preserving groundwater resources through conjunctive use.  Additional information regarding aquifer storage and recovery can be viewed at the following website of the Texas Water Development Board:


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